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Moving Tips

We know that moving is the most difficult time within a household and can be overwhelming. To ensure you get a head start and stress free move, we have some tips to help your move to be pain less. Here Ottawa Pro Movers tips:


BOXES – a few weeks before packing head over to a grocery store that provides boxes for

your groceries, it is a cheap way of getting boxes without spending money. Do not forget smaller boxes are easier for you to carry as well as our movers.


PACKING – use clear plastic containers for your belongings that way you can spot out them right away when you move into your new home. All containers should be clean and have the proper lids that are sealed with tape.  For heavy items such as books and magazines should be in small boxes to ensure safety for you and our movers. For lighter items such as pillows, bed sheets and stuffed animals in large boxes. Remember to pack tightly and to the top to avoid the rubbing of your contents. For more fragile items such as your china, glasses, and mugs, you must wrap each item separately to avoid breakage, with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. A cheaper way for you to wrap your glasses and mugs is to use your clean socks or clothing items. Another way of saving money is using your own stuff as a container like your luggage/suit case to put your clothes to transport in an easier fashion. Food, medicine, and other items that may be liquids, must be sealed and wrapped in saran wrap as well as positioned upright to prevent spilling.  For electronics, take a photo of all the cables connected to the television so you know where all the cables go after you move.


LABELING – each box or container should be labeled on each side with a marker or an actual label on room location, the contents of the box and numbering, to ensure proper placement in your new home and that you have the exact same number of stuff when you were moving to when you have moved.

Food, medicine, liquids and fragile item should be marked which way the box should be positioned: THIS SIDE UP with an arrow in the direction it should be facing to; this helps you and our movers.


CHILDREN – kids will be kids, therefore when children are playing or looking around in their new home it will be hard for our movers to get the job done in a timely and efficient form. So for the same city moves if you can, hire a sitter for your children, to prevent less stress for you and our movers, on your moving day.


GROCERIES – make your last grocery trip two weeks prior on moving that way you can get rid of most of your items without having to throw it away. On moving day whether its our movers or friends and family, be ensure to provide at least drinks such as cold water to everyone for summer days for an example where it can be hot, we want to keep everyone hydrated.


DOWN SIZING – before you move take the time to sort out your belongings to create a list of items that you want anymore. You can get rid of these items by selling them on websites like kijiji, amazon, etc. If you can not sell online or don’t know how to, you can always do a yard sale, donate to the nearest thirft store or simply ask friends or family if they want those items you don’t want.


NEW HOME – if you can, go to your new home prior to the moving day to make sure it is clean for yourself and all the items that will be there on moving day. If you are moving in or out of a building make sure you have the proper time slot for moving day according, add in travel time.

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