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                               PROFESSIONAL PACKING SERVICES

A successful move starts with a successful packing job. Proper packing paper, padding and boxing procedures are vital to protect your belongings.

Ottawa Pro Movers offers a full range of packing and unpacking services. Trained professional packers are able to help you with as much or as little of the packing and unpacking as you need.  We'd be happy to provide a free quote to eliminate your packing stress.


                                PERSONALIZED PACKING SERVICES



When you choose Ottawa Pro Movers to pack your home and move you, you get to work with one team and organization that are all on the same page in terms of technique, company values, and commitment to customers. There is no need to hire packers and movers from different companies.

Our professionally trained staff are not only experts in home moving, but have extensive packing training, which ensures your belongings are safe and secure during the entire move.

We can pack as much or as little as you need for your next home or business move – it’s your call! 

Our packing services are available even if you aren’t moving. Do you need help packing to put some of your belongings into storage? We can help! Businesses looking for packing help can rest assured that our professional teams can get the job done while eliminating down time for your employees.

Professional packing service ( materials  is not included)

Get professional packing and unpacking help from our qualified packing helpers. 

$119/hour for two packers

(Minimum charge of 4 hours applies - 3 hours work plus 1 hour travel time)

$149/hour for 3  packers

(Minimum charge of 4 hours applies - 3 hours work plus 1 hour travel time)

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