Frequently asked questions

How long will my move take?

Each and every move is unique. The layout, the distance to the loading dock, the level of your readiness and packing, the complexity of your furniture and so many other factors play an important role in your move duration.
Something as simple as elevator access, or oversized items that don't fit in the elevator can impact the duration of your move.
It is nearly impossible to estimate a duration without knowing the specifics. Which is why our website is designed to analyze all the relevant information, such as inventory and layout details.

However, to give you a general idea of how long a move can take:

• An average studio or a one bedroom condo: 4-5 hours.
• A two bedroom condo: 6-8 hours
• A three bedroom house: 8-12 hours (based on load/unload one full truck).

If you prefer to estimate in truck loads, please note:
• Loading full 26’ truck with three movers: 4-5 hours, provided the walking distance from your door to the truck is reasonable.
• Loading full 20’ truck will take 3-4 hours with three movers.

Unloading usually takes same amount of time as loading.

Please keep in mind that each and every move is unique and these estimations are served as guidelines only.

How job duration is calculated?

The working clock starts upon our crew’s arrival. It stops when your last item is unloaded from the truck and all floor runners and moving blankets are back in the truck. In addition, local jobs in radius of 20 km from city hall are charged one additional hour to cover the truck fee and movers’ travel to and from your job.

Do movers provide any floor protection?

Yes, our crews will set out floor runners to protect your carpets, wood, or tiled floors.

Do you disassemble or reassemble furniture?

Yes, we do. There's no additional fee for this service, but disassembling and reassembling furniture will likely increase work duration. Our movers will bring the common tools for the job, but for rare or custom made furniture, we advise you to prepare the manuals and custom tools ahead of time.

Will the movers pack my loose items?

The control is all yours! If you want your move to be fast and efficient, organize all your items into boxes and our movers will transport them to the truck.

Still have some loose items that just don’t make sense and you can’t figure out the best way to move them? Our movers are here to help, just mention you’d like a partial packing on your reservation and we will bring whatever you need for the little touch ups.
Don’t want to trouble yourself with the packing at all? Not a problem, our team of professional packers will arrive a day or two prior to your moving day and do all the job for you. This way when the movers arrive the house is fully packed and organized for the big move.

Do I need to empty drawers before they are moved?

Yes, we require emptying of your dresser drawers for the following reasons:

Leaving items in the drawers could, in some cases, cause the dresser to be too heavy for the frame during travel and could result in unnecessary damage.
Depending on the size, it may not be feasible to keep the dresser upright while bringing it out of the house. In the event that it has to be tipped, items can get jarred. This can lead to problems once you want to use the dresser in your new house.

How are my belongings protected?

In Ottawa Pro Movers we have all the right tools to minimize the risk of damaging your property, your furniture and your belongings.
We cover your floors with floor runners, we engulf your furniture with soft moving blankets, we wrap your mattresses and couches in shrink wrap and we use padded dollies to transfer large furniture items.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. We’re very proud to present all charges upfront in your personalized, written quote and in your personal customers page.
If the charge is not listed, you don’t pay it.

What are my payment options?

We accept e-transfers, cash and credit card payments.Unfortunately, we can’t accept personal checks.

Is it OK to tip the movers?

Yes, as we work at the service industry tips are welcome and highly appreciated by the movers.

What won't you transport?

• flammable items, including you BBQ propane tank
• explosives, guns, ammo
• animals and plants  
• pool tables, safes

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Please visit our insurance page for more details.Proof of insurance is available upon request.

What is your claims policy?

All claims for loss or damage must be submitted IN WRITING before movers leave your property. Notice of claim must include a detailed description of the claim, weight and proof of loss/damage/delay.

What does "Walk up/stairs fee” mean?

Walkup: stairs to different levels in your home or apartment, applicable to 6 stairs or more.If you have less than 6 stairs, no walkup fee is charged.

Walkup fee is not applicable for buildings with elevator, ground level, garage, half basement with less than 6 stairs. Applicable for basements level, second level and above.We have to charge walkup/stairs fee due to higher liability cost, as most damages and accidents occur while moving items up or down the stairs.

Walking fee: more than 100 feet distance from the truck to your door.Applicable once move has to be done via parking lot of the building, underground garage or any other long walk over 100 feet.

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