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Whether you have a few boxes or an entire house to move, whether you move next door or across the country, we have the right people and the right price for you.
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We know that moving is stressful and can be overwhelming.

Please read Ottawa Pro Movers’ tips to help reduce the stress of the moving day:


    There’s never been a better time to let some things go.

    Identify the items that deserve a farewell and can be donated, given away, sold or removed ahead of time. You can sell on or Facebook Marketplace, organize a garage sale, or simply drop your stuff at nearest thrift store or donation point.If you still have to get rid of some unwanted stuff on the day of the move, our movers can take it to the city dump.

  2. BOXES

    Available for purchase at any U-Haul, Dymon storage, Canadian tire store. For a budget version, try a grocery store that provides boxes for your groceries and collect the spare boxes from them. Try to choose the boxes of similar size, they are easier to stack in a truck and don’t waste as much space. If you choose to opt for the packing service with us, our packers will bring suitable packing materials with them and save you the worries.


    Kids will be kids, therefore when children are playing or looking around in their new home, it will be hard for our movers to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. As such, for local moves, try to arrange with extended family members or hire a sitter for your children to allow you and our movers to concentrate on your move and get the job done efficiently.

  4. PETS

    Pets get easily stressed by the uncertainty and by seeing too many people walking around the house carrying boxes away. Show your furry best friend that you care and spare him the stress of a moving day by arranging a day care service or a day with family or friends.


    Make your last grocery shopping trip two weeks prior to moving day. That way, you can get rid of most of your items without having to throw them away. You can pack the contents of your fridge and take them to a new house if your move is local. Food items can’t go to storage or survive a long distance move.

    Keep some water and light snacks for the moving day, make sure to prevent dehydration, and keep your body safe and functioning.


    If you can, go to your new home prior to the moving day to make sure that it is clean, that the utilities are connected, and that the house is ready for your arrival.  Use this opportunity to prepare a plan for when the movers arrive with your furniture and boxes, as they will know exactly where to put them.


    Our movers are skilled and experienced with disassembly and reassembly of furniture. There’s no additional fee for this service, but disassembling and reassembling furniture will likely increase work duration. Our movers will bring the common tools for the job, but for rare or custom made furniture, we advise you to prepare the manuals and custom tools ahead of time.

    Please make sure all dressers and cabinets are emptied prior to the movers’ arrival.


    Empty all freezers, dishwashers and dryers, and unplug them. Clean and dry them thoroughly. Then, disconnect and drain the hoses.

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